You are responsible for the routine upkeep of your unit including changing out the smoke-detector batteries and replacement of burnt-out light bulbs. 

Management is responsible for maintenance and repairs necessitated by normal wear and usage.  Repair of damage caused by resident negligence or misuse is the responsibility of the resident.  In such cases, the maintenance staff can make the repairs, but the resident will be charged for the cost of labor and materials.

Out of the ordinary maintenance, such as the repair of clogged drains, leaking faucets, or non-operative heating or air conditioning, etc. will be taken care of by the maintenance staff. To request service, please either contact the management office during normal working hours or submit a work order request online through resident portal.

If an emergency occurs outside of normal business hours, or on the weekend, please call Emergency Maintenance: 888-343-4807

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High Fidelity Property Management was founded in 2010 to service a diverse array of property types: single unit condo, single-family and multi-family. Owned and operated by seasoned Chicago real estate professionals, we have an intimate understanding of Chicago’s neighborhoods, market trends, and property condition

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