4 Prime Chicago Neighborhoods For Investment in 2017

4 Prime Chicago Neighborhoods For Investment in 2017

May 18, 2018 admin

Whether you are evaluating property for your own personal residence, or you would like to invest in a property separately for short-/long-term financial gains, one consideration you will want to make is which Chicago neighborhoods have the most potential for the highest returns on your investment? Here are some of our top recommendations:


Logan Square—The opening of The 606 trail last summer and the continuing evolution of some of Chicago’s best restaurants and drinking establishments has continued to make Logan a prime destination for first-time buyers, investors and renters alike.


Albany Park—One of Chicago’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, with excellent proximity to public transportation, highways, parks, etc., Albany Park has reasonable rents and is an excellent target for growing property values.


Pilsen—Home to the city’s largest Hispanic population, Pilsen has a rich and vibrant Art history including home to the National Museum of Mexican Art. Artists have flocked to Pilsen’s loft-style buildings for its reasonable rents. Pilsen is also home to some of the best Mexican cuisine in the city.


West Town—With its close proximity to downtown, West Town is full of unique architecture—small brick cottages to historic churches. Many flock to the numerous coffee houses, bars, theaters, galleries, music venues, street festivals and restaurants. Although new investors have targeted this area for the last few years, there are still solid properties to be found.

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